How to make hair grow faster with the wonders of kelp

Have you heard that taking kelp and seaweed helps in the process of how to make hair grow faster naturally? Or some may say kelp is good for healthy, faster hair growth.

I was getting my ‘iced caffeine boost’ yesterday morning (yep, when the weather is warm, I sometimes drink iced coffee for breakfast, with food), while reading stuff on my laptop. I was doing some research and came across an article about kelp – how it stimulates skin and HAIR cells.

At first glance, I thought it was a how to make hair grow faster recipe thing.

how to make hair grow faster

kelp in the sea

So I imagined myself putting dark green, slimy seaweed paste on my hair…

But thankfully, nope.

It is not a step by step on how to make hair grow faster with kelp hair treatment or kelp paste.

I read on and looks like kelp has some really good stuff in it that helps in the process of making hair grow faster – or something to this effect 🙂

So I did more digging. And here’s the gist of all the info I gathered…

How to make hair grow faster by having kelp in your diet

Does anyone in the ‘make hair grow faster community’ have any experience of taking for example, kelp supplements and that improved your hair health and growth?

Or you take lots of kelp or we can call this seaweed, in your diet?

The Japanese definitely do. And I have to say, most of them, men and women, look youthful and healthy.

I remember going to Japan and I could see seaweed and kelp in literally, all nooks and corners. In fact, during my 2 weeks stay there, I ate seaweed or kelp every day, at least 3 times a day!

They put seaweed or kelp in everything. It was used in creative ways and I do like seaweed in my diet. Although not specifically to make hair grow faster.

how to make hair grow faster

how to make hair grow faster







Soups, salads, rice, snack stuff, mixed with dairy stuff, mixed in porridge, mixed in curry, for stir frying, for making seaweed flavored dessert, for making noodles (so the noodles are green) and lots more.

I thought that it’s amazing that this dark brown sea herb carries a whole whack of more than 60 vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements.

Yup…more than 60!

So there must be something good in there for how to make hair grow faster.

I will just dive right into the summarized list. So it has…

    • Alginates
    • Vitamins A, some B vitamins, C,D,E,K, Carotene, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin, Thiamin – some good stuff for scalp and hair here
    • Natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium
    • More than 20 trace elements including iodine (high in this) silica, oxygen, sulphur, selenium, zinc, calcium, etc.
    • Amino acids (building blocks of proteins) – great for hair!
    • Digestive enzymes and natural preservatives

And the health (general) benefits of kelp are….make hair grow faster

    • Kelp is good as a ‘ladies supplement’. For decades, kelp had been making women’s nails stronger and healthier while accelerating healthy hair growth. Kelp’s amino acids (proteins) are naturally a great element to stimulate your hair growth, make it thicker while giving your locks that healthy shine. And prevent hair loss too. Kelp is said to work wonders for the skin too, keeping it moisturized, youthful and radiant – which brings me to my next point.
    • Have you heard of collagen for the skin? Your skin is your largest organ. Kelp has lots of silica in it. Collagen needs silica to build up and to work its magic to keep our skin ‘intact’, firm instead of saggy and ‘lose’. So our skin is moisturized, firm, youthful and radiant. So silica in this sense, is like the fountain of youth.
    • We go through our ‘monthly blues’, get pregnant, give birth, feed our little babies breast milk – so we need to recharge iron, calcium and potassium – which kelp is a great source of.
    • Kelp is also a natural antibiotic that helps you combat infections. So if you have the common cold and flu, kelp will do you good. This also helps if you tend to get allergic symptoms such as a sinus-like nose blocks.
    • If you lack iodine, kelp will be your best ‘rescue’ because it is naturally power packed with iodine. This is something some of us need for our thyroid to function properly. Otherwise there could be a swell in your neck area. Be careful though, too much can also cause your thyroid to malfunction. So check with your doctor and take the right dosage.
    • Then when your thyroid is working well, your metabolism gets better and this actually will help you if you want to lose weight. You will also feel generally more energetic and have more vitality. So this is another goodness of kelp.
    • Did you know kelp is a good cleanser and detoxifier for your system? Sodium alginate in kelp takes up all the toxins, bacteria, chemicals, all that bad stuff that we breathe in, eat and drink into our systems – and flushes them out. So your kidneys and liver function at its best and your blood is purified. And what do you get out of this? Great health within that will show in the health of your skin (youthful), nails (strong) and HAIR (healthy and lustrous).
    • Our bones are made up of mainly calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Kelp has all that and most of all silica. Now calcium especially, needs silica to be effective. Silica works to get those 3 minerals (most of all calcium) into our bones.
    • People take a lot less salt now because it’s unhealthy. So we see iodized table salt – because we do need some iodine (for proper thyroid function). But now that people know about kelp being rich in iodine, they take kelp.

How to make hair grow faster with kelp ? In many forms!

make hair grow fasterKelp comes in liquid form, powder form, in a tablet, in the form of seaweed, like in soups, salads, for making sushi, for making onigiri (rice in triangular shape with filling inside and wrapped in seaweed), in teas, in some desserts, in porridge, as food garnishing, to make omelets, in drinks, in biscuits, in snack food and so much more.

In Asia, the Japanese is the largest population to consume kelp and seaweed.


Like all treatment, medication and supplement, please see your doctor before taking any kind of treatment, medication or supplement, including kelp. As good as it is, you need to first check with your doctor to know if this is suitable for you, if there will be any side effects or if you are allergic to this.

Any thoughts??…


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