How To Make Hair Grow Longer and Healthily With Coconut Oil

In this video, I would like to share with you – the goodness or benefits of coconut oil. Not only for how to make hair grow longer and healthily but how it works great for us – ‘top-to-toe’ and inside-out.

My point – because coconut oil can replace a buffet of hair and skin products while being a great supplement, food and cooking oil – this truly saves me a TON of money.

I use some other oils too but would sometimes switch oils depending on what I want to make (recipes) for my hair care routines. This also depends on my moods. But if I can only choose one oil – I will definitely go for coconut oil, my favorite 🙂

By the way, I have just oiled my hair with this oil. While waiting for my coconut oil hair conditioning routine to do its work, I thought I’ll share some benefits of coconut oil with you – and since I conveniently have my stuff here with me.

Why Coconut Oil Is Great For More Than Just How To Make Hair Grow Longer

I have 2 bottles of virgin coconut oil. These are 2 different brands – and this is fine.

I do not always stick to one brand. This shop where I bought these happened to be nearest to where I stay. So I conveniently go there to get my stuff. The shop is just 5 minutes drive away.

This bottle is about to run out. Then I happen to get a good discount for this bottle (the other brand) so I bought it.

You can use whichever brand you are comfortable with, that works for you. Coconut oil in jars are great too.

You can either use the liquid form of coconut oil or the hardened (white and solid) form. Both are fine. The jar bottles are fine too. You can scrape the hardened form with a spoon or maybe a wooden stick (other than using your fingers). The solid form ‘melts’ into liquid soon as it touches your warm fingers or hands.  And you can then apply or use it.

Does my hair get protein (to help make hair grow longer) when I apply this oil?

Let’s look at the label on this bottle.

The label says protein is zero and does not list any vitamin on it. Anyway, as you can see, there is no protein in here. How does this work then for how to make hair grow healthily? And how does this work to keep my scalp healthy?

I will draw a simple picture to illustrate this – please see video 🙂

Video NOTE:

When we stimulate our scalp (by massaging it) this helps blood and nutrients go to the hair bulb (papilla) and this is where new cells form. The cells go towards the root and by the time it (keratin or protein) reaches the shaft, it is no longer alive. This is keratinization.

Simply put, keratinization is when cells harden to become hair. So our hair is made from ‘dead protein’. Hair is made of more than 90% protein (dead).

These cells become ‘harder and more dry’ as they ‘grow and age’. So hair texture naturally would feel ‘harder’ at the middle towards the ends, than the roots.

So when you cut your hair, there is no pain. It is a ‘dead thing’.

Knowing that, the hair middle and ends need more tender loving care than the hair roots. I call hair roots, new hair and the ends, old hair. Old hair needs more care.

The longer your old hair is, the older it is – so it could be 2-3 years old and would have a ‘harder’ texture.

When we apply coconut oil onto our old hair especially, this helps to condition it.

Every strand of hair (imagine the hair shaft like a hollow tube) has 3 parts:

    • Cuticle – outer layer or part
    • Cortex – the ‘middle’ part or part within the cuticle.
    • Medulla – the most core of the hair.

How does coconut oil help to protect your hair to make hair grow longer healthily?

Coconut oil naturally penetrates our hair shaft pretty easily. So the oil conditions and moisturizes the cortex while protecting the cuticle as well. This prevents our hair from damage (protein loss) when it is exposed to the environment, chemical and stuff like some hair tools or gadgets. Our hair is also protected from how we manipulate or ‘mismanage’ it.

So when coconut oil thoroughly conditions and protects our hair, we get strong and healthy hair growing out at its best condition.

For the scalp:

Coconut oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacteria and anti-viral. So this oil works great to prevent infection like scalp infection or inflammation.

Even for kids with cradle cap – the front and/or top part of the scalp becomes flaky, dry and very irritated. Like my little man who had this on this scalp when he was a baby. My mum applied coconut oil on the affected areas and his scalp got drastically better.

Use this oil to prevent dandruff too – works effectively as some people use this to even prevent lice.

For my skin:

Coconut oil works wonderful on my skin too. I apply this oil on my skin as moisturizer, as a make-up remover, as something like lotion. I can carry some coconut oil in a small squeeze, pump or spray bottle. So in the middle of the day in case I need this (like when I am out), I just spray some onto my hair and skin (moisturizes both).

For cooking:

I love to drizzle some coconut oil onto my salads or use this oil for cooking.  It is healthy and can boost my overall health.  It even promotes weight loss and prevents cholesterol build to make hair grow longer

As a daily supplement:

I take this oil as a diet supplement. Let me show you how I take this oil as a supplement. I take 1-2 tablespoons on alternate days. Coconut oil promotes heart health, promotes weight loss, supports your metabolism, prevents cholesterol build-up and promotes good and healthy hair and skin (works for how to make hair grow longer from within too).

So coconut oil can replace a whole lot of stuff I have from ‘head-to-toe’ and this helps me save a TON of money.

Isn’t that great? I get to save a TON of money while making hair grow longer and faster (at its best condition) by keeping it strong and healthy.

Coconut oil is a lot more, than for just scalp and hair care or for how to make hair grow longer or faster.

Coconut oil is versatile and flexible to be used inside-out, for beauty and for health.

With that, I hope you have learned something.

Till my next video, thanks for watching and take care!

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