Make Hair Grow Faster – Caring For Children’s Hair Naturally

Make Hair Grow Faster – Caring For My Girl’s Hair

How fast does hair grow? To make hair grow faster, healthily and care for hair, are home remedies the best for kids?

If I said ‘no’ – I would be talking nonsense.

Hey I’m a mum too and love my kids. Not a ‘perfect’ mum, but I do my best to give them the best.

Make Hair Grow Faster For Kids

Children’s hair is generally healthy. So their locks would be growing healthily. I notice like my girl’s hair grows really fast (back when I had mild hair loss and slow growing hair).

Back then, while I was desperately trying all sorts of stuff imaginable and that I could get my hands on out there to make hair grow faster – I see her hair growing inch after inch!

And while my hair was falling more than 60 strands every day – yup, I know…that’s normal but in MY case, my hair was falling way faster than it grew back! At least, I wanted to keep more than I dropped ‘cos I don’t have much on my head anyway so every strand is precious!

Well, at least I see a lot more baby hairs ‘regularly growing’ on my head now than I ever did before!

Back to kids and make hair grow faster…

For children, the concern really is not how to make hair grow faster – rather how natural hair stuff is best to care for their scalp and hair.

But then, I do not go for ‘full versions’ for kids when it comes to protecting hair from the effects of chlorine water in the pool. Please click here to see the ‘Full Version’ of what I do for my own hair care.

Especially during school holidays, my kids love splashing in the pool in our apartment block. This means, being exposed to chlorine and the sun.make hair grow faster

And yup, that’s bad for hair, especially ‘young hair’.

So here’s what I usually do…

Night before

After my girl bathes and washes her hair as usual, I’ll apply some oil to her hair ends. My DIY hair sprays or mists are fine too.

No hair wraps.

Then she goes to sleep – cover her pillow with a piece of cloth.

She wakes up the next day.

Ok, just before we hop down to the 8th floor (where pool is), I’ll put couple of drops of oil (usually coconut oil) on my palm. Rub both palms together vigorously so oil gets warm. Then apply or like glide this on her hair.

Then I comb her hair gently. This gets the oil evenly on her scalp and hair.

My girl’s hair is like in a bob. It’s not long…as you can see in the picture. It still needs to be cared for or it’ll get dry and tangled up. As I’ve said, it’s more about caring for her scalp and hair instead of make hair grow faster. But this will also help for hair growth.

Then, sometimes she would want to clip her sides up.

At the swimming pool

Same thing, I’ll get her to jump into the shower area beside the pool.make hair grow faster

Rinse herself, get her hair soaking wet.

Then in to the pool she goes!

After all that water fun in the sun…

As soon as she gets out of the pool, I remind her to rinse herself in the shower area – rinse off all that chlorine water.

Then we go back up to our apartment

First, I would comb her hair slowly and gently with a wide tooth comb.

Then she washes her hair as usual – I add honey or sometimes oil into her regular shampoo or conditioner.

But sometimes too, depends on her moods, she just might not want to have anything added into her stuff. So in these cases, it’s just washing her hair with a good shampoo and conditioner – as usual.

Then she dabs her hair dry with a towel, leaving her hair damp.

I help her comb her damp hair gently and slowly, using a comb.

Then I rub oil on my palms and apply on her hair. I concentrate more on her hair ends. Or I would spray on it.

There you go!

Here’s a note though…most kids do not like their scalps or head to be massaged, like a real, full scalp massage. Maybe a little is OK.

Well, both my kids do not like me massaging or kneading their scalp skin. So you will see that I had not mentioned this up there.

And wrapping her hair up? No way.

It’s just the way she is. She will definitely pull the towel off her head. She just doesn’t like stuff on her head or hair. Like the clips, chances are she would remove them while in the pool.

So, same thing – I didn’t mention this in the process up there.

Anyway, I feel in general, children’s hair is fine. What I do up there works great in caring for her hair as she spends regular time in the pool, and I’m sure it also helps make hair grow faster. That process is good enough for her hair so I stick to it.

PS: Maybe you have something to share here? What are your thoughts?


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