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Do you swim often? If you do, do you often swim in a swimming pool? I remember when I took my hair for granted and spent 1-2 hours in the swimming pool 3-4 times a week, my hair got dry, fizzy and I had to literally tug at my hair to get the knots and tangles out. But NOT anymore. Since I realized how chlorine can really dry up my hair, I do my own oil hair treatment – before & after I have fun in a pool of chlorinated water.oil hair treatment


As long as I keep to my oil hair treatment, managing my hair is easy and enjoyable. And since it’s literally summer all year round here, I can swim almost every day (with kids especially during school holidays) and still keep my hair smooth and easy to manage.

So what do I do for oil hair treatment? Here is the step-by-step Full Version…

Oil Hair Treatment The Night Before

This is something I do for an extra ‘oomph’ to treat and protect my hair. Anyway, even when I do not swim the next day, I sometimes do this as basic oil hair treatment. But especially when I know I’ll be jumping into the pool and spending some time in the sun the next morning or afternoon – I usually do this the night before.

So this is like oil hair treatment all through the night. Here’s how it goes…

    • I wash my hair as usual. If you have dry hair or hair that gets tangled up easily, you may want to comb your hair before washing it – every time.
    • I use a good, mild shampoo with a dollop of honey (as conditioner). As conditioner at times, I use milk and honey or plain yogurt and honey – It is really up to what you like. If you wash your hair daily or know your hair is pretty clean, there is no need to add or use shampoo. Just conditioning will do. And importantly, a good scalp massage.
    • Rinse well. Dab my hair dry leaving it moist. Then I comb my hair.
    • For oil hair treatment, I apply virgin coconut oil or avocado oil (choose the essential oil you like) on my scalp and massage my scalp (roots). Then I rub a bit on my palms and apply on hair ends.
    • I leave my hair this way (no wraps) for an hour. Then I go to sleep. Remember to cover your pillow with a cloth, towel or I use a cloth nappy. This is OK for me, but the best material is silk or smooth cloth or pillow case. So what’s happening here is oil hair treatment throughout the night 🙂
    • Wake up next day, comb my hair.

Oil Hair Treatment Before I Go To The Pooloil hair treatment

I shall continue from up there…

    • I comb my hair. As my hair still has a thin layer of oil and was ‘deep conditioned’ the night before, I leave this as it is. But if I had not done anything the night before – I will massage my scalp with a little oil. Then apply oil to the ends of my hair. But if you have dry hair and feel your hair needs that bit more, then get a bit more oil, rub your palms together (this warms the oil too) and apply to your hair.
    • Some may use store bought hair products like moisturizers and conditioners specially formulated for this – this is up to you. So far, my oils have been working great for me.
    • Then I comb my hair again.
    • Then I clip my fringe and sides up to the back. Sometimes, I do two loose pony tails, side by side, as my fringe is long enough to tie up to the sides. Loose means I do not pull my hair tightly back. When my hair is tied up, this prevents tangles as I swim & flip my hair. And I use easy to slide off hair bands to tie my hair. Then of course, you can also leave your hair loose – though you will have to comb your hair out later on. Also, you can braid your hair or bundle it up.
    • Somehow, I can’t use swimming caps. I have tried them and each time it ‘pulls at’ my hair no matter what type of material I use. Anyway, I feel my hair is better off without this.

I now head down to the swimming pool on the 8th floor of my apartment block…hair oiling

    • I take a shower at the side of the pool (before actually jumping into the pool). I thoroughly wet my hair. When my hair is soaking wet and has a thin layer of oil, this protects my hair better from negative effects of chlorine water and the heat of the sun.
    • Then I jump into the pool and ENJOY
    • Now, if you want to get some sun burn while you are here, just after you get out of the water, go take a shower to wash off all that chlorine water. Then while you get your sun burn, do cover your hair with something – a scarf, a hat…something you like. And keep yourself hydrated by drinking water.

Oil Hair Treatment After A Fun Time In The Pool And The Sun

So I have had a fantastic time in the pool with my kids. After all that chlorinated, hot exposure, now is time to pamper my scalp and hair with deep conditioning oil hair treatment.

    • Remove hair accessories, shake and loosen up hair. Then I comb my hair with tender loving care – use a wide tooth comb.
    • Rinse hair with water.
    • Wash hair using good shampoo. Some may want to use specially formulated shampoo for cleaning away chlorine, which you can buy from the shop – this is up to you. So far, I have been using my regular good shampoo and sometimes I may add lemon juice which works fine.
    • Apply conditioner with a dollop of honey. You may also use like avocado oil, rosemary oil or what you like.
    • Rinse well. Dab hair with towel, leaving it moist. Then comb gently.
    • Apply oil to my scalp as I give my scalp a good round of massage. You may warm the oil if you want.
    • Apply several drops to palms, rub palms vigorously together (this also warms the oil) and apply to hair ends. Or as needed if you have dry hair.
    • Wrap hair up in a towel (you may also warm this towel). Put a shower cap over this. Leave for an hour. Go read a book or do online stuff…
    • Then rinse well. If you feel your hair too oily, just rinse with diluted lemon juice or use a little bit of shampoo. Anyway, if you wash it too dry, you can still spray some moisturizer to hair ends later.
    • Dab, towel dry. Comb gently. Leave my hair to dry naturally. 

There you go! That’s my oil hair treatment when I swim

Just so you know, all those steps up there can be tweaked to suit your situation or routines. You may even skip some steps okay 😉

So it is summer for 365 days here and with my DIY oil hair treatment, I can swim 3-4 times every week, whole year round if I want to.

I really enjoy doing my hair stuff especially exploring natural stuff for my scalp and hair. In spite of 365 days of shine here, those oil hair treatment steps I do have worked great for my scalp and hair on all my ‘swimming days’.

For those going into summer, and love having fun in the pool, I hope you find my oil hair treatment tips helpful. Let me know if you have tips to share too!  🙂


PS: If you find this helpful, remember to ‘socially’ share this goodie  😉


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